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Breathing new life into Mon State: Association aims to build oxygen plant in 2017

Myitmakha News Agency

Thaton, August 25 – Mon State’s Thaton Township will be graced by an oxygen plant come 2017, according to the Ahnine Met Mitta Association – a charity group which provides free-of-charge oxygen and blood.

The impetus behind the construction of an oxygen plant comes in a bid to mitigate the added expense which is currently incurred by the association in purchasing oxygen canisters from abroad to service the needs of patients laid up in emergency wards across Thaton Township.

“There’s been a rise in patients coming through the doors of emergency wards in Thaton district of late. Many people have died because their wasn’t oxygen available to provide them with. We’re going to build the oxygen plant so that patients can be administered oxygen in time during an emergency. Our association currently purchases oxygen from abroad before administering it to patients on gratis. As well as onerous expenses in employing oxygen purchased from foreign plants, it can’t always reach patients in time,” said U Nyan Htun, chair of the aforementioned association.

Once the oxygen plant is built, it will reportedly produce an average of twenty oxygen canisters, which can hold thirty liters of oxygen each, on a daily basis. It will also have the capacity to produce more on demand.

The plant will reportedly cost K3,000 million to construct. But the association is in need of donations if they’re going to reach their target and begin construction by next year as they have currently only raised just ten percent of the total cost, K300 million.

The plant will also reportedly allow oxygen to be distributed free-of-charge to villages and townships outside of Thaton, and to other states and regions outside of Mon State as well. Phone numbers will be advertised for the public to use to contact the association for oxygen in cases of an emergency at any time or place and for persons of any ethnicity.

“We can procure oxygen on gratis days in Mon State when there’s an emergency. In the past, people had to pay a fee for oxygen at the hospital. As well as having access to free-of-charge oxygen, patients can now also obtain blood for free as well. There should be more associations that work for the benefit of the public,” said a resident of Thaton.

The Ahnine Met Mitta Association handed out a total of 139 oxygen canisters with a 40 liter capacity and 4,973 canisters with a smaller, ten percent capacity, between October 2015 and July 2016. As well as supplying the free-of-charge oxygen canisters to hospitals throughout the region, the association also gave them out directly to patients at their homes.

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