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Bullets fly in narcotics production facility bust

Myitmakha News Agency

Tachileik, February 15 – a rubber tree plantation in the eastern Shan State town of Tachileik was entered and searched on February 12 after being suspected as a location producing narcotics. What insured was an exchange of gunfire and the confiscation of K250 million worth of narcotics, it is known from a unit of the Tachileik anti-narcotics task force.

“Two shots were fired [in our direction] upon our field officers, and members of our drug enforcement agency, entering the rubber tree plantation. We returned fire with one shot which was enough to frighten them into making a break for it. The suspects were unable to be caught at the time and no injuries was sustained. However, the wife [an accomplice] of one of the suspects has since been arrested.” explained U Toe Myint Aung, deputy officer of the Tachileik anti-narcotics task force.

A search was made of the aforementioned plantation, located in proximity to Yan Khan (2) village of Maing Ko village tract and owned by Saing Aye and Nan Waing, after a tip off was received that the area was being used to produce narcotic substances. A secret room within a dwelling on the grounds was found to house machinery for narcotics production; 100,000 methamphetamine tablets which featured the imprinted logo of WY; three types of firearms, one hand grenade, five cars and seven motorcycles – all of which were confiscated.

A case of litigation was opened against the absconded suspects, Saing Aye and his wife Nan Waing, at the Tachileik police station on February 12 with articles 15, 16(b), 19(a), 22(b) and 21 of the law relating to narcotics and mind changing pharmaceutical substances.

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