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School tuck shops in Magway Region receive surprise inspections from DCA

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Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, June 23 – in a bid to prohibit the selling of illegal snacks within schools in Magway Region, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has announced they are currently carrying out a series of surprise inspections on schools in the region. The region boasts over 4,000 schools, all of which are to receive inspections, while so …

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IDPs in Shan State still can’t return home

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Myitmakha News Agency Tachileik, February 3 – over 1,700 internally displaced people (IDPs) in southern Shan State are still not in a position whereby they can return to their homes after armed conflict between the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) and the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) which in now into its five month, according to the a southern Shan State youth network. “The main reason why they are unable to …

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Paedophile arrested in Tachileik

Myitmakha News Agency (Myitmakha) Tachileik, January 21 – a man who abducted and sexual abused a 13 year old girl from Magway division, before fleeing the area, was arrested by police in Tachileik city police office while on patrol. “We arrested the man on January 19 as we received word that a criminal was living in the San Saing ward who had abducted 13 year old girl to make his wife before later fleeing to …

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Grade 10 student was raped several times by a soldier in Sagaing Division

In Sagaing Division, Kalay Township, Kyeekone village, a Grade 10 student who just got back from looking exam result for her sister was raped several times by a soldier of Ka Ma Ra (361) unit in the forest southern of Yay San kyun Pagoda near the graveyard On June 6, a grade 10 student from KyeeKone village went to look …

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Myanmar children trafficked into Malaysia to make them work in the roadsides

Children are trafficked from Myanmar to Malaysia to make them work in the roadside businesses, say the sources of ATTF (Anti Trafficking in Person Task Force) of Yangon. “Most of the children are made to sell something in the roadside. Their earnings are gathered only at night. They are not provided with food if they cannot earn money as how …

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The Underage Children Working in Shops in Myanmar

Child labours are mostly hired in the roadside shops and the beer shops in townships of Yangon, according to Child Protection composed of Myanmar Police Forces. Child labours between 6 and 15 have to work in the roadside shops, tea shops, beer & alcohol shops, restaurants within 16 average working hours a day, say the sources of Child Protection.

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