Sunday , 25 June 2017
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Don’ t Mislead Rural People

I have lived in a village in which ethnic nationalities reside among the mountain ranges for over a year. As far as I am concerned, those residents are attracted to nothing but hoping favorable rain every year. If rain falls, they will hire tractors to plough their fields and then they plant seeds of CP corn. All of them share …

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Everyone Love the Nation with Great Care

It is recently heard that some civil societies and certain Facebook users criticize organizations fully occupied in dealing with the conflicts. It is found there were certain destructive criticisms that the fault lain with the administration of the government as well as some constructive ones.

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Reporting on the News of Conflicts in Line with Media Ethics

We have seen the information on the violence that had recently erupted in Meiktila posted on Facebook. Despite having no idea what their intention is, we have found that some information is posted aimed at fueling people’s anger and such information is highly dangerous for the country. We have already realized that it is so important for media to observe …

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Speech delivered at the session on Myanmar at the MDLF Media Forum on 3th

Good evening. Dear Honorable chairman, distinguished guests and colleagues. It is a great honour to participate in this forum and have an opportunity to speak about the situations of the media in our country. Today, we Myanmar people are living in a transitional period changing from the military rule to democratic parliamentary system. Existing government,  leading by the President U …

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Are Rules and Regulations not important for a strong Law?

May Thingyan Hein (Myit Makha) I’m confused and can’t understand about why the MPs want to disband the Constitutional Tribunal. The MPs will say if the committees are recognized as national level, they will have the same authorities as ministers and so they can do more for the public. The duties of the MPs are to revise and pass laws. …

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Those who do not want to be under the editors

Aye Chan Hein (Myit Makha) When I was working as deputy editor in Chaing Mai, a journalist told me: “What do the editors know better than a journalist? Editors and journalists are the same. They have the same duties.” I just smiled back. I bet none of the journalists would want the life of an editor sitting in the same …

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