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Peace is not gained because the constitution is unclear and the ethnicities feel unfair

Wint Thinzar Kyaw November 3, 2012 Vice chairman of Union Peace Enforcement Committee Aung Minn says the committee will discuss about the conflict solving methods in England, North Ireland and other countries from Nov. 9 to 16. During the meeting some of the members demand solutions on peace, federal government, Rakhine riots, registering Mon ethnics. Some of the demands are …

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Former ABSDF comrade Bobo’s journey (3)

I was arrested in Shwe Dinga teashop. We held a strike at around noon. We gave speeches. It was raining. We finished giving speech at around 3:30 and we entered the teashop at around 4. We were arrested there. We were taken to the Papaetan police station then to Insein. I was released after 14 days.

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Former ABSDF comrade Bobo’s journey (2)

The first time we regroup after the coup is the funeral of Khin Kyi, wife of Gen. Aung San. It was 1989. Before that there are various small parties. I joined the All Burma Federation of Student Unions and I got a member card. I participated in their movements. I think it was second week of January that we met …

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Former ABSDF comrade Bobo’s journey (1)

May Thingyan Hein (Myit Makha) A 40-year-old with a glass perching on his nose and hair falling on his face is called Bobo. When I first learned about the killings in the northern ABSDF dispatch, I imagined Bobo as a 15-year-old boy holding a gun. But that is totally different when I see him: he is older and more mature …

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