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Myanmar’s nascent bird-watching industry starts to take flight

Myitmakha News Agency Taunggyi, September 12 – tourist industry insiders predict this year could see the number of foreign tourists to the country augmented with the addition of foreign birdwatchers visiting Myanmar, as well as regular tourists, citing the proliferation in Myanmar of some of the world’s seldom-seen, rare bird species. Myitmakha News Agency has been told that Myanmar started …

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Finland takes steps to closer economic ties with Myanmar

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, September 8 – according to the Finish government’s Department of Trade and Commerce, bilateral trade and investment between Finland and Myanmar should be increased, Myitmakha News Agency has been told. During a workshop held at the headquarters of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) in Yangon on September 7, it …

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Tourism Bank would provide the industry with forms of credit, says MTF

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, September 6 – plans are currently being made for the opening of Tourism Banks in Yangon and the capital, Naypyidaw, the Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF) has told Myitmakha News Agency. The initiative comes in a bid to provide businesses in the tourism sector with credit loans which are currently otherwise uneasily obtainable. “Companies operating restaurants and …

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MoHT trials transportation of foreigners via red number-plated vehicles in southern Shan State

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, September 5 – the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has informed Myitmakha News Agency that come October 1, they will begin a trial of allowing foreign passengers in southern Shan State to ride rental vehicles with red number plates. Foreigners are presently allowed to ride blue number-plated vehicles within the parameters of municipal jurisdictions in other …

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Myanmar’s real-estate sector still lacks foreign investment

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, August 29 – foreign investment in Myanmar’s real-estate sector is still lacking, according to a statement published by the online market place for domestic property listings, the website While local investment accounts for thirty percent of the country’s real-estate sector, only a meager five percent of investment reportedly comes from overseas. “Investment in real-estate is …

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Future of Myeik Archipelago’s eco-tourism sector to depend on regional government

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, August 15 – the development of eco-tourism initiatives in southern Myanmar’s Myeik Archipelago will reportedly depend on the standing of regional government towards the calling of investment, the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has announced. The granting of government permission to implement eco-tourism projects, with both local and foreign investment, will reportedly develop regions of the archipelago …

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MoHT expands ecotourism destinations

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, August 8 – the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has announced they will open up 22 regions of the country to ecotourism for both foreign and local travelers. Efforts to design the government-backed Ecotourism Plan began in 2015 in the name of developing Myanmar’s tourism sector, and are reportedly being drawn up in accordance with the …

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MoHT hopeful tourism law will ease industry headaches

NO 4 (global)

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, August 2 – plans are being made to allow the Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Law to be enacted before the current year is out, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. “There should be laws [in place] for any place or job; sectors are weak without them. Since this law is for development of the …

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Foreign tourists plant trees for Magway Region locals

NO 4 (12)

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, June 24 – foreign travelers visiting the Community Based Tourism (CBT) initiative being implemented in villages of Myaing Township, Magway Region, are reportedly working together with local residents to plant trees that will provide shade. The project is allegedly being carried out in a bid to mitigate deforestation to the area and conserve the natural environment. “The …

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Europeans account for highest volume of foreign tourists to Magway Region

Myitmakha News Agency Yangon, June 21 – European citizens account for the highest number of foreigners who have visited Magway Region to observe rural customs and explore around regional landmarks, according to Department of Hotels and Tourism for Magway Region. The historical sites that tourists visit include Min Hla fort, Mya Tha Lun pagoda, the ancient city of Beikthano, Bogyoke and Mya Ayeyar parks; the mud volcano of Naga Bwet …

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