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Education provided to over half of migrant children in Mae Sot

Myitmakha News Agency

Naypyidaw, July 8 – approximately one half of the 30,000 school aged Myanmar migrants living in the Thai – Myanmar border region of Mae Sot are getting an education, says to U Kyaw Hsan, headmaster of the Ahyoneoo School based in Mae Sot.

The headmaster made the statement during the Alternative Education Forum which was held in Naypyidaw on July 6.

“The children in the class are being taught in a variety of methods. About half [of those who’ve moved to Mae Sot from Myanmar] attend Thai government schools. Some of them also attend other tuition classes outside of the Thai school system. But, they need to be able to read, write and speak a little bit of Thai.” he said.

He continued by adding that an education policy needs to be passed to properly cater for migrant worker families and their children in the region as there are currently 11 schools that receive no financial assistance or support for which it remains a big challenge for these schools to be able to stay open so that their 1,500 attending students can finish their current school year.

“The headmaster presented the difficulties faced in educating 1,500 children. In regard to his point about passing of a effective policy, I would first of all like to request that everyone related to passing policy gathers round to work together to make such a reality.” said Dr Khaing Myay, director general of the Ministry of Education.

Education outside of the Thai schooling system is being provided within the Mae Sot region but weaknesses render such educational facilities under equipped to deal with teaching the volume of students that attend classes.

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