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Environmentalists urge planting bamboo to help cut CO2 emissions

Myitmakha News Agency

Yangon, August 11 – carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can reportedly be mitigated by planting bamboo in the areas void of trees, environmentalists say.

“The problem with the environment is that people destroy it. Many trees have had to be cut down in areas home to large populations of people. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which is what human need to breath in order to stay alive, but bamboo is a versatile plant and can be planted in areas devoid of trees, and they have the capacity to consume more carbon dioxide than trees do,” said Dr Sein Sein Thein, an environmentalist.

Environmentalists say that bamboo can absorb as much as five times more carbon dioxide than other plants or trees can manage to do.

“We urge people to plant bamboo. Areas of land in Htaikegyi and Thayarwady Townships are currently being utilized for bamboo cultivation. We encourage people to make bamboo-made handicrafts and for those with capacity to provide relevant training courses. Moreover, we help them in putting their bamboo-made handicrafts in the foreign market,” said Daw Htwe Htwe Aung, executive officer of Myanmar’s Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association.

Myanmar’s woodlands have shrunk dramatically in the last few years, say environmentalists, from a 47% forestry coverage in 2010 to just 25% more recently.

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