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Flooding closes schools across Ayeyarwady

Myitmakha News Agency

Pathein, August 4 – a total of 42 schools from within four townships of Ayeyarwady Region have been forced to closed because of continual flooding in the region, according to the region’s Department of Education.

The majority of schools forced to close within Danubyu, Kyangin, Zalun and Myanaung Townships are primary-schools, numbering 28, followed by 12 middle-schools and 2 high-schools.

“Consistent downpours have flooded schools, forcing us to close them. I can’t yet say when they’ll be re-opened. But, it’s likely only once flood waters have resided. The continual flooding of townships within the region is exacerbating the numbers of closed schools on a daily basis,” said U Win Maung, head of the aforementioned department.

Of the schools forced to closed according to township: six middle-schools and 16 primary schools within Myanaung Township; two high-schools, five middle-schools and seven primary-schools in Zalun Township; one middle-school and two primary-schools in Kyangin Township; and two primary-schools in Danubyu Township.

“More than just closing schools only after they’ve been flooded, schools should be closed in advance [of flooding] if children are faced with difficulty in attending. Our area has seen has a rise in water levels forcing children to travel to school by boat which possess many dangers to them; just last year, three children drowned when their boat sank after their were caught in a storm on their way home from school,” said Ko Nay Lin, a resident of Kwinthonehsin village in Yegyi Township.

The extent of flooding in parts of Ayeyarwady Region has left some villages completely submerged by water, forcing residents to relocate and seek refuge in areas devoid of flooding, according to the Department of Relief and Resettlement for Ayeyarwady Region.

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