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Grade 10 student was raped several times by a soldier in Sagaing Division

In Sagaing Division, Kalay Township, Kyeekone village, a Grade 10 student who just got back from looking exam result for her sister was raped several times by a soldier of Ka Ma Ra (361) unit in the forest southern of Yay San kyun Pagoda near the graveyard

On June 6, a grade 10 student from KyeeKone village went to look the exam result with her sister MweMwe and her sister’s friend MyintMyint Moe at Inn Dai Gyi high schoolwhich is two mile far from their village. Then, she was back to her village with MyintMyint Moe due to her sister, MweMwe, was left at the house of her elder sister near Maw Lite village.

In the noon of their way back home by cycling, by the time they arrived at the graveyard western of Kyeekone village, a soldier named Saw NoeOo from KaMaRa (361) unit had push MyintMyint Moe bringing a grade ten student in the forest northern of Yaysankyun pagoda near the graveyard and raped her for times.

As she struggled to get free, he slapped her face, hit her head, tugged at her hair, squeezed her neck and knuckled her hands. After he had raped her for half an hour, he ran away, known by Kalay Police station.

“He was caught in the morning of June 7 and will be charged in accordance with the law of military. We have to submit the letter and then they will present to the head again because this kind of rape have never seen here before. We don’t know for sure that whether this case will be charged by courts-martial or will be transferred to township court,” said TheinSaung, investigation officer from Kalay Police station.

Concerning about the case, the girl asked to charge the soldier Saw NoeOo at Kalay police station 11:15 p.m on June 6and the case has been filed according to the criminal law of 376 (7/2015) (Pa) 215/2015).

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