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Mandalay’s traffic lights to be upgraded

Myitmakha News Agency

Mandalay, September 12 – eleven sets of traffic lights with built-in sensor systems will be erected across Mandalay before the end of the current fiscal in a bid to curb congestion, according to the Department of Buildings and Warehouses of the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC).

“[The traffic lights will be erected] through the concerted efforts of the tender-winning company and the MCDC. We’ve now finished inspecting parts of the city where the traffic lights have been earmarked for,” U Ohn Kyaw, head of the aforementioned department, informed Myitmakha News Agency.

The traffic lights will be erected at the intersections of 35th and 78th, 35th and 77th, 35th and 73rd, 35th and 66th, 30th and 78th, 30th and 73rd, 30th and 66th, 30th and 62nd, 26th and 73rd, 26th and 66th, together with 35th x 62nd streets.

“Traffic lights already exist at most of the earmarked locations,” added U Ohn Kyaw. “These sets of lights will be taken down and utilized in other parts of the city where they are needed.”

As well as the built-in traffic senor lights, sets of lights for pedestrians will also reportedly be erected at the at the intersections of 12th and 66th, 84th and 27th, together with 84th and 28th streets.

The numbers of traffic lights within the city are being expanded every year, with the last fiscal year seeing 57 such built-in sensor traffic lights put up across the city, while this fiscal year will see that number increased to 68 traffic lights.

“The old traffic lights worked on a timer system, regardless of whether cars were waiting or not. The new traffic lights, however, will mean less time spent waiting for the lights to turn green as they have built-in sensors which can detect whether cars are waiting or not,” U Maung Than, a Mandalay taxi-driver, told Myitmakha News Agency.

As three of the 11 earmarked locations do not already have traffic lights in place, the city will boast a total of 76 traffic lights once the new sets of lights have been erected, according to the MCDC.

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