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Myanmar children trafficked into Malaysia to make them work in the roadsides

Children are trafficked from Myanmar to Malaysia to make them work in the roadside businesses, say the sources of ATTF (Anti Trafficking in Person Task Force) of Yangon.

“Most of the children are made to sell something in the roadside. Their earnings are gathered only at night. They are not provided with food if they cannot earn money as how many they are told to earn. Some are made to be baggers. The children whose parents do not take of them are mostly missing. Some children are thieved. Although their parents file a complaint in the police station, policemen have difficulties to enquire it,” said Wei Lwin, police second lieutenant of ATTF in Yangon Region.  

Poor children and street children or the children are not destined to enjoy being looked after by their parents are mostly trafficked, but the number of child victims has decreased owing to awareness raising programs on anti human trafficking in 2013, ATTF sources say.

“Some parents outside Yangon Region send their children to urban areas to work when they can’t afford to raise them any longer not only because of poverty but also because of many offspring. They tend to think they not only enjoy their children’s earnings but also no longer need to be worried about how to raise them. There are both the good and the bad among the brokers. The most important thing for parents is to take care of their children with the conscience,” said U Myo Win, deputy chief of Aung Mingalar Coach Station.

Children and men from Myanmar are sold to human traffickers in Thailand for fishermen and most of the women from Myanmar are sold as unwilling brides in China, according to ATTF.

“Once while a woman ladled cooked rice leaving her child in the cradle, the infant was unexpectedly missing. She and her husband were searching for their kid getting flustered in and around the ward. Were they relieved only when they saw a man carrying their infant. Unless that man were a good one, we’d not dare the infant’s fate,” said a woman whose child had been missing in Yuzana Garden City.

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