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Over 100 drug addicts from Myiek Archipelago to be given rehab

Myitmakha News Agency

Dawei, August 26 – in the lead up to the opening of a drug rehabilitation centre in the region, the Tanintharyi Region Police Department has revealed that they have compiled a list of over a hundred names of drug users within Myeik district and the archipelagic Kyunsu Township that desire to quit their addiction.

“A list of over a hundred drug users from Kyunsu Township, that wish to be weaned off their addictions, has been compiled in light of the soon-to-be implemented rehabilitation program; we don’t want people to blame the police for not doing anything. It’s upsetting how the integrity of those living in the region is inflicted upon with some people referring to Kyunsu Township as the ‘second’ Hpa Kant,” U Nay Myo, Police Chief of Tanintharyi Region, told Myitmakha News Agency.

The police chief added how Kyunsu Township is a part of Myeik district where the majority of those arrested are drug users, highlighting his dismay over reports from some members of the general public in the region questioning whether licenses should be granted for consumption of narcotics in a similar vein as alcohol licenses are currently issued.

U Nay Myo also mentioned police units are carrying out crime-reduction initiatives to the best of their ability in Kyunsu Township’s Yekandaung village, an area of prolific drug usage, with police guard posts setup and arrests being made against those involved in the consumption and trade of narcotics in the area.

On top of the current arrests and legal action being taken against drug users, drug awareness, treatment and employment opportunity initiatives will also reportedly be drawn up and implemented.

As of August 24, crime records indicate that of the 58 unlawful acts committed within Tanintharyi Region so far this year, a majority 38 of them were in relation to narcotics and possession of opium.

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