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Over a hundred illegal percussion lock firearms handed over to police in Sagaing Region

Myitmakha News Agency

Monywa, February 24 – over a hundred illegal percussion lock firearms were handed over the town police of station of Pinlaybuu, located in Sagaing Region, by independent actors during two days of inspection in a bid to stop them being used, according to the aforementioned police station.

The firearms began to be handed over to the police station on 20 February, with a total of a 107 firearms being handed over by 22 February, it is known.

“It was discussed during a meeting with the local administrator on 16 February that [we] would accept and look after [the firearms].” said an official from the Pinlaybuu police station.

The total number of firearms originated from a number of different villages in the region: 6 were from Kone Gyi village and 5 each from the villages of Ye Yun Pyit and Ywar Thit Kone located in Ban Bway Kone village tract; 12, 9 and 5 firearms from Kanyinkone, Thit Hpyu Kyin and Chin Kone villages respectively located in Kanyinkone village tract; 19 from Maing Tonetar Kyi village and 13 from Maing Tonetar Lay village, both of Maing Tonetar Kyi village tract; 4 from Mangyi Pin village and 3 from U Shitpin village located in Mangyi Pin village tract; 10 from Palapataung village in Naung Tar village tract; 6 from Katet village in Katet village tract; and 10 from Mangyi Kone village in Pin Maung village tract – a total of 107 firearms.

According to the head of the Pinlaybuu police station, negotiations were held at a meeting on 16 February at the township administrative committee office with the local administrators and clerks of wards and villages in which it was agreed that confiscation of the illegal firearms would be carried out to prevent them from being used.

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