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Over utilization of groundwater detrimental to the environmental, say conservationists

Myitmakha News Agency

Yangon, September 2 – the pumping up of groundwater to fulfill water requirements of the Myanmar public is not a good answer for the environment, Dr Sein Sein Thein, chair of the Evergreen Environment Conservation Organization, told Myitmakha News Agency.

“When groundwater was sourced from wells to water crops in Sagaing Region’s Budalin Township, it ended up damaging crops because of the water’s salt content. Year upon year, the amount of groundwater being sourced is increasing,” she said.

Environmental conservation organizations warn that the greater the extent of groundwater being used, the more prolific the salt content within the water becomes. Since electrically pumped wells require a depth of more than a thousand feet to be dug, it destroys the layers of earth and soil below ground, reportedly allowing the water to become contaminated with salt.

“The digging of electrically pumped wells should only be for the purpose of using such water to wash and bathe with. Dependent upon the state-of-play of the soil, wells should be dug at depth of at least 800 feet. But if they’re dug to an extreme depth, it could render undesirable consequences,” said Aung San Win, an individual involved with digging electric wells.

According to the Myanmar National Water Resources Committee, a proliferation of utilizing groundwater resources can cause such unwanted consequences as landslides, slumping ground levels and salt contamination.

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