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Record of earthquake damaged pagodas to be kept in Bagan Museum

Myitmakha News Agency

Mandalay, August 31 – a record of the earthquake induced damages to Bagan’s pagodas will be reportedly be kept in the Bagan Archeological Museum upon completion, the General Administration Department (GAD) of Nyaung Oo district has told Myitmakha News Agency.

A detailed record of the place items were found, their type and dimensions will reportedly be compiled on such items as wall paintings and ancient scriptures, while two diamond spires, worth K30 million, have been recovered from the Lawkananda Pagoda and entrusted with the pagoda’s group of trustees.

“I hope NGOs can work with monks and the Sangha to quickly clear up the damage. Since the government wants pagodas from Bagan to be added to UNSECO’s illustrious list of world heritage monuments, it would be great if UNSECO experts and archaeologists would properly recover [all the displaced relics] in a systematic fashion. Of course, NGOs and monks have to explain about the activities to local residents to they can understand [the important of preserving the damaged pagodas],” said U Soe Tint, general administrator of Nyaung Oo district.

Ma Babi, an individual from the Bagan Archaeological Museum involved with submitting a record of displaced relics, told Myitmakha News Agency that a detailed record of original ancient handiwork can only be presented if photographic records are made of the location of any relics discovered, and from which pagoda they originated.

“Those people collecting in artifacts need to document them by taking photos and video footage before bringing them in; it’s difficult to find out from which place the artifact was picked up and how it became dislodged from the pagoda after it’s been brought into us,” she said.

In a bid to mitigate rainy damage on the earthquake stricken pagodas, efforts are currently being made to cover a total of 41 pagodas with tarpaulins. As of August 30, as many as 18 pagodas have been covered with the rain-proof lining, while scaffolding is presently being erected around the remaining pagodas.

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