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Traditional Myanmar martial arts classes prove popular with children

Myitmakha News Agency

Yangon, April 27 – there has been an increase in the number of parents sending their children to traditional Myanmar martial arts clubs, according to Insein Traditional Myanmar Martial Art Club, a subordinated organization under the Ministry of Sports.

There are over 20 trainees at the Insein Myanmar Martial Arts Club, among whom 7 are aged over 10 years old.

“Most of the trainees who attend last year’s summer course were middle aged. But this year, we’ve seen a surge in attendance from younger children. It’s great that parents are interested in traditional Myanmar martial arts. They want their children to use their time effectively, instead of playing computer games,” said U Tun Lwin, head of aforementioned club.

Traditional Myanmar martial arts are still unpopular in the country compared to others famous martial arts. The club is also in need of teaching aid materials and extra space, it is known.
“My children play computer games a lot during the summer holidays. It could affect their eyes in long term. That’s why I sent my children to the club in order to improve their health as well as self-defense. Moreover, I would like to see Myanmar traditional martial arts preserved,” said Daw Khin Mi.

“Insein Myanmar Traditional Martial Arts Club was established in 1989 and a basic Myanmar traditional martial arts course takes 2 months, which included studying the art of self-defence using body parts and the art of self-defence with swords or cudgels.

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